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Another amazing performance at Cúl na Sméar Hall!

Zoe's concert was simply lovely. The song she's playing may be frenetic, but she's always relaxed and exudes a calm, controlled air. Where you or I would be frantically scraping away at the fiddle, she remains composed, barely moving her body, yet producing the most astonishingly rich, amazing and exciting tones. Her playing induces rapture.

And John's guitar counterpoint has an a jazz-like quality that resonates with Zoe's full timbred playing.


The Singer's Club roared successfully through the summer. Unfortunately, your archivist missed all of it, what with vacations, family commitments, a flu and suchlike. It's like being back in the bronze age (or 1999, whichever came later) - all that great music lost forever!

Worry not. Back in harness, the night's festivities are here archived for your continuing pleasure.


Master players John & James Carty were joined on stage for the final minutes of a concert by local lads Sean (fiddle) & Kevin O'Farrell (guitar). About one minute into the first song, it was obvious that the young talent was in tune with the established masters and everyone on stage relaxed and roared through a lively set of reels.


John is the master fiddle and banjo player and his brother James is master of the concert flute, the bamboo flute and any other kind of flute you can name. The brothers play a lovely brand of traditional music and John plays the banjo with a happy grin on his face that you can hear.

The podcast of the Carty's comes from the first half of the concert. You'll hear James playing a solo on the flute and John performing a slow air on the fiddle. Then John picks up the banjo and away they go. You get a pretty good overview of this dynamic duo's many different styles of music.


What a fabulous concert! Martin Hayes is downright amazing and Dennis Cahill's gentle guitar work is the perfect accompaniment. Hayes plays the fiddle with tremendous physical panache, but the result is some of the most cerebral, yet toe-tapping Irish music to be heard. Cúl na Sméar Hall was jammed absolutely to capacity, yet the collective intake of breath was so quiet that the gentlest vibrato notes were clear and penetrating.

During the last part of concert, local David Power joined the dynamic duo on stage. What a treat! This was a session of stars, a galactic supernova of lovely sound.

This slice of the concert is the first 30 minutes right after the break. It gives a pretty good representation of the style of this wonderful duet - everything from a slow air to jigs and slides and a few of their own inimitable inventions.


The best night yet!
This one is a real nice listen.
The songs were great and a goodly percentage of them hadn't been sung here yet. Jim O'Brien and Eddie Bennet added a few hilarious recitations, David Power had a new song, Joe Heaney was in full flight, Queenie finally made it to a session, Liam Fitzgerald sang a series of local ballads and much more.


Another great concert. The Mulcahey Family - Mick, Michelle and Louise - play so many instruments (and all of them superbly) that it's like having a group of 10. And a few of the audience were called on to perform as well. Alice Fitzgerald is included in this clip - the first 40 minutes of the second half of the concert.

Prepare to tap thy feet.


What a crowd! Lots of new faces - and voices!
There was some lovely and spectacular singing.
They're all a joy, but this one is a particularly good listen.


Another superlative concert! Jackie is a superb button accordion player, somehow able to fit in a heart soaring surprise of improvisation in the midst of dense melodies.


Some new faces - and voices - and the standard crew. Joe Heaney performs Captain Billy, Cam Foley does Michael Collins and Jennifer adds her lovely voice to the mix. And David Power proved that he's more than just a wondrously talented Uillean Pipe player.


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